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Dr. Elad Rosenfeld


Dr. Elad Rosenfeld

For as long as I can remember, I was surrounded by animals of all kinds. Growing up in a small rural village, I played with basically anything that moved including dogs, cats, worms, insects, snakes and scorpions (much to my mother's dismay!). Playing, examining and taking care of them was the best way to spend any afternoon.

I decided to follow my childhood dream, and after working for several years as a veterinary technician, I moved to Guelph, with my family, to attend The Ontario Veterinary College and have since made Guelph my home. I share my home with my wife, our two daughters, our cat and two dogs. 

I have a keen interest in animal behaviour and am an Elite Level, Fear Free Certified Practitioner striving to alleviate fear and stress from the pets that I meet (and their owners).

I am always looking forward to keep learning and am eager to meet all our clients with all the different pets they come in with. Including furry, spiky, feathered and scaly animals.