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Preston Animal Clinic

Surgery Including Spays & Neuters

We understand that surgery can be scary for both you and your pet. We do our best to ensure that we make you as comfortable as possible with your pets’ procedure by addressing all your question or concerns. Our veterinarians provide an update after the surgery is completed and your discharge is scheduled with a veterinary technician, to review home care and answer all your questions.

Some of the common surgeries we preform are:

  • Neuters – dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets

  • Spays – dogs, cats and rabbits

  • Soft tissue surgeries – removal of cancerous, uncomfortable and infected growths, wound repair

  • Abdominal surgeries – foreign object removal, bladder surgery

To ensure your pet receives the best care possible for your pet we are committed to the following:

  • Surgical admission appointments are usually scheduled the morning of the surgery. A veterinary technician will enquire about the health of your pet and review the procedure with you, answering any questions you may have.

  • All pets are examined by the veterinarian prior to the beginning of procedure.

  • We provide advanced pain management techniques in conjunction with anesthesia to make sure your pet is a comfortable as possible during and after the procedure.

  • Intravenous fluid therapy is included in many of the surgeries we offer. This is important for maintaining blood pressure and perfusion to the kidneys and other organs as well as allowing immediate IV access in the event of an emergency.

  • Your pet is assigned to a veterinary technician from the time the surgery starts to the time your pet returns to their recovery cage. Their own private caregiver!

  • Electronic monitoring equipment is used for all surgeries. We monitor heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and oxygen levels.

  • We perform a therapeutic laser treatment on the incision immediately after surgery which accelerates the healing process

  • The veterinarian will call you after the surgery is completed to provide a personal update on your pet’s condition.

  • Post-operative pain medications are sent home with you pet as needed.

  • Scheduled discharge appointments with a veterinary technician allows us to review post-operative instructions and home care instructions.

  • Follow up surgical appointments are scheduled with a veterinary technician at no charge.