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Preston Animal Clinic

Diagnostic Services

Unfortunately, pets can’t tell us where it hurts, and oftentimes, a healthy appearing animal may be masking symptoms of disease or illness. We may recommend diagnostic testing to identify any problems and to begin treatment as early as possible. These tests are especially helpful when symptoms are unspecific or hard to define. We are able to provide a variety of diagnostic tests and services for many of the species we routinely see.

In hospital diagnostic testing

We have the ability to process many samples in our in-hospital laboratory for those situations the require us to have immediate results. Complete blood counts (red, white blood cells and platelets) and blood chemistries (liver and kidney values, thyroid levels and electrolytes) may help us in diagnosing why your pet is ill. This allows the veterinarian to make a treatment plan for your pet.

External Diagnostic Laboratories

We utilize different external laboratories to process a variety of samples from the large number of species we see. This includes many specialty tests that are specific to our exotic patients. Many of these laboratories allow us access to their expert diagnosticians to answer any questions we have pertaining to the results received.

In hospital digital radiographs

Access to in hospital radiographs (X-rays) are essential to ensure the best possible care for the pets we see. Radiographs provide valuable information about the patient's condition that may not be apparent from a physical examination alone. They can reveal fractures, foreign objects, tumors, bladder stones, arthritic changes and other conditions that require immediate attention or further investigation. Radiographs support the veterinarian in developing a treatment plan tailored to the specific needs of the patient. Sometimes repeat radiographs are taken over time to allow the veterinarians to monitor the progress of a patient's condition. They can assess healing of fractures, changes in the size or appearance of tumors, and the effectiveness of treatment interventions. We have the ability to send any radiographs to a board-certified veterinary radiologist for further comment.

Ultra Sound / Echocardiogram

When more specialized imaging is need, we have a relationship with a mobile service that allows us to provide a high level of care for pets and their owners in an easily accessible manner by bringing specialized equipment and expertise directly to our clinic.


Electrocardiography, also referred to as ECG, is a diagnostic tool used to measure the electrical activity of the heart. It is often recommended when your pet has an irregular heartbeat. We take the measurement in hospital and send the results to be reviewed by a cardiologist to screen for / monitor any heart conditions.

Advanced imaging – CT/ MRI

Under certain circumstances, we will recommend that your pet is a candidate for advanced imaging such as CT (computed tomography scan is a medical imaging technique used to obtain detailed internal images of the body) or MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging is a medical imaging technique used in radiology to form pictures of the anatomy and the physiological processes inside the body). The above services are done at referral hospitals only. We will arrange for a referral and follow up with you regarding your pets condition on a regular basis.